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What Sets Social Media Marketing Apart from Ordinary Marketing

What Sets Social Media Marketing Apart from Ordinary Marketing

Social media has now become a revolutionary part of every average people’s everyday life. Surprisingly, the impact of social media to people have changed the way people live today. These popular social media platforms have now become a pillar of communication among people nowadays and this reality posts a continuous challenge to traditional media.

The game in advertising took its revolutionary turn with social media and internet marketing. Through social media platforms, advertising is made easy and have expanded its reach. Although the traditional media is still considered as a valuable form of marketing and advertising, social media marketing is now growing to be much more capable of being a potentially efficient for of marketing and advertising strategy. Here are some factors that sets Social Media Marketing apart from the Ordinary Marketing:


Compared to the traditional media for advertising where usually commercials are made in televisions, radio and posters or pamphlets which can be quite costly, social media platforms can absolutely make advertising free of charge. There are a much more a lot of ways on how you can promote online and gain followers.

Social media sites such as Facebook has low cost advertising which can already give you opportunity to promote your business on a desired segment in social media. Instagram has now become a potentially great platform for both small and big businesses plus signing up is absolutely free.

Unfortunately, the traditional media fails to provide accurate means of securing the performance and success of any marketing strategies. In social media, the ability to be liked is most likely  can be a result of being trusted. The ways on how you can be able to promote business in social media is flexible. Users can also become your instant promoters since post sharing is an important activity in social media.


2Social Media have a highly responsive community since a lot of people are already in various social media platforms. With millions of people engaged in social media, businesses and organizations with very high potential to reach a specific target market have expanded their reach to social media in which where the market actually is. Businesses have the opportunity to expand their promotion anywhere and through sharing by the other social media sites users, advertisement is taken to farther reach.

Unlike the traditional media, social media allows direct communication with the brand itself. It also somehow builds a connection between potential clients or customers and the company. This also helps the company in return to track on insights of customers or reviews of the product that can be of good help for their services to be improved.


Traditional media posts a burden of organizing and executing highly complex and complicated tasks and requires a generous amount of budget for allocation, equipment rentals and employee expertise as well. Although costs can still be amounted in creating ads in social media, it doesn’t require big and not that labor extensive. Consumers can  be able to enjoy a dynamic environment in which information is easily on their reach.

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